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Consultants at the Center for Psychoanalysis and Technology are licensed clinicians and practicing psychoanalysts who have significant experience understanding conscious and unconscious processes that operate in interpsychic and intrapsychic ways. All psychoanalysts by definition, train for more than 5 years in psychoanalysis after completing training as a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist or social worker. Those at the Center also have significant business consulting experience and/or product usability testing backgrounds. We believe that because consumer technology has a significant influence on us all, both positively and negatively, we should bring to bear the highest level of training and expertise on the dynamics involved in caring for the minds and relationships of those who develop and use our consumer technologies.

We believe that a good relationship to consumer technology use and good technology product design starts with the ability to think freely and creatively, to care with an open heart, to understand oneself and others well, and to deal with group dynamics efficaciously addressing unconscious conflicts along the way. Psychoanalysts are uniquely positioned to help facilitate productive, confidential conversations that address these dynamics that underpin problematic business processes and product development activities as well as problematic relationships to technology use toward a more healthy and equitable future. 

We offer consulting engagements designed to address group dynamics, facilitating considerations of unintended consequences of product ideas or business activities, human resource questions or private consultations with board members or senior executives who need a confidante but may not be able to find the time to take up a full traditional psychoanalysis. Each consulting engagement is unique and begins with a conversation. We invite you to reach out to consider how we might help you or your team.