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6. Professor Jan Abram on Winnicott, playing, the use of an object and video games

In this episode, Professor Jan Abram discusses the Winnicottian notion of playing and the use of an object and how these ideas apply to our thinking about video game addiction and liveliness in our relationships.

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4. Dr. Alexander Stein on Psychoanalysis as a Technology for Positive Change and Influence at Scale

Dr. Stein discusses his work consulting with executives and teams as a psychodynamic strategy consultant. He discusses the impact psychoanalysis can have on people and dynamics between people within business contexts. He centers decision making and caring in his work and muses about AI and the future from the perspective of the C-suite advisor role. His work is ultimately about how psychodynamic strategy consulting can be used as an intervention for social good and business success at scale.<iframe src=”,180,206&backgroundColor=242,242,242″ width=”100%” height=”155″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” allow=”encrypted-media”></iframe>

January 24, 2024

3. Morgan Venable on big tech, its consequences and the future

Morgan Venable, inventor, product developer and former Ideo, Google, Microsoft and Amazon senior tech product developer discusses his current projects including his work on the Datahand, an ergonomic keyboard that prevents and heals repetitive stress injuries from keyboarding and the future of tech including its impact on our mental health and social landscape.

December 5, 2023

2. Dr. Paul Slovic on Risk, Judgment, Feelings and Compassion, Technology and Social and Political Applications

Dr. Paul Slovic, decision scientist and accomplished academic and researcher discusses human decision making, judgements, and risk with an emphasis on the role of feelings as applied to genocide, war, smoking, advertising, addiction and nuclear arms.

November 16, 2023